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I'm a published author of articles and books and I've done my share of tech writing. I've also written direct mail and marketing copy.


I spent a number of years (1984-1990) working for what ended up being known as Access to Wang, a vertical market computer magazine that covered the Wang minicomputer marketplace.

I started off as a freelance writer and then joined the organization full time, ending up as an associate editor. Here are some of the Special Reports and articles I wrote.

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Wang's Integrated Products (1986)

Of all the stories I've written, this may be my favorite because it took a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the real Wang Laboratories. One of the projects mentioned with great hope -- the 42X -- was killed a few years later and this article shows why Wang Labs was doomed. (From Access 86: The Magazine for Wang System Users, December 1986, Copyright © 1986 Data Base Publications.)

WP From A to Z (1987)

Wang Labs created the word processing market and I've never found a better word processor than their original WPS system. My article from 1987 discusses the successor to Wang WP -- WP Plus. (From Access 87: The Magazine for Wang System Users, December 1987, Copyright © 1987 Data Base Publications.)

Wang OFFICE (1988)

It's just an opening piece that introduced other articles dealing with the internals of Wang OFFICE, which was Wang Labs' office automation software. (From Access 88: The Magazine for Wang System Users, February 1988, Copyright © 1988 Data Base Publications.)

High Notes & Low Notes (1989)

The yearly VS Software Survey was something I instituted in 1986. I created the questionnaire, compiled and interpreted the data, and wrote the Special Report. (From Access to Wang: The Independent Magazine for Wang System Users, December 1989, Copyright © 1989 Data Base Publications.)

Rumor Column

Using the moniker "Charlie the Clown", I wrote the beloved Rumors column for the various incarnations of Access magazine. Charlie was the most popular feature in the magazine.


I've written two best-selling books on web design that definitely aren't boring.